I Hate Mail Order Pharmacy

Can I just tell you how glad I will be if this surgery results in remission of my diabetes, and I don’t have to rely on morons two states away sending me my fricking insulin when I need it????

I reordered my prescriptions with Express-Scripts last Friday.  Of course, as always, there’s a problem.  And they aren’t busting their humps to get me the meds, or work with me at all.  I found out yesterday they were trying to contact my doctor – after I’d already run out of insulin.  So, an emergency script for ONE INSULIN PEN that will last me THREE DAYS and $35 at Target later, they STILL haven’t called my doctor…and now once they finally do get in touch with them, I’ll be out another $60 on top of the $35 I already spent for the emergency supply.

I hate mail order pharmacy.  For crying out loud, please let me go back to Target.  They know my scripts.  They know how to fill them.  They know me and my allergies.


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