I just called Upper Chesapeake Bariatric to make sure they have gotten all my pre-op testing (they are missing some, but I’m picking it up from my doctor on Monday) and I asked her what it was looking like for a possible surgery date (if she could even tell me).

She told me everything looks good, and more than likely, once the insurance approval comes through, we’re looking at either 11/24 or 12/1.  Yay!  I have a potential date!  This isn’t something way off in the future now – it’s really real.

I’m so excited!

83.33% done

I had my fifth of six weigh-ins yesterday.  Yay – according to his scale I was down 3 more pounds – according to mine I’m still holding at 299 – I’ll go by mine.

My last appointment is October 20th, which is also my husband’s birthday.  I’m hoping by the end of October I will have a surgery date.

I want to be done this.

I’ve switched over (on my doctor’s approval) to protein shakes for breakfast and dinner.  Not too bad.  It’s helping with the edema I was having.  I’m hoping to hit 289 before surgery – that would be sweet.

It’s Mah Birfday

Today’s my birthday.  I’m 37.  Holy crap.

As God is my witness, it will be the last birthday I have as a fat girl.

And I’m having lobster for dinner.

That is all.

Designer Whey Protein Powder

In my quest to prepare for my surgery, I have been trying different protein shakes and bars along the way.  Lately, knowing that I’m going to really have to kick it in gear over the next month and a half in order to get these last few pounds off before surgery, I have contemplated switching to protein shakes for breakfast as a meal replacement.

I’ve been shopping around, and last night, Walmart had the Designer Whey Protein Powder on sale for $11.99.  They had the chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavors.  Since I was thinking breakfast, I got the vanilla so that I could add fruit to it.  It has 10g of protein per scoop, 1g of sugar and 1/2g. of fat, and 130 calories per scoop.  You can mix it with your favorite liquid.  I only got one container, because I didn’t want to be out that much money if I hated it.

This morning, I went ahead and tried it.  It doesn’t smell unpleasant at all, which is a plus.  Some powdered drinks have that powdered milk smell that makes me recoil in horror, but this had a nice vanilla smell to it, not bad at all.  I put 1c. of 2% milk in the blender, added 2 scoops of the protein powder, 4 frozen strawberries and 1/4 c. of frozen blueberries and 1 pack of sweet-n-low.

It blended well, and it really was quite good.  A nice way to start my day, and packed with protein between the powder and the milk.  I think tomorrow I’m going to add a smidge of vanilla extract to the mixture as well.

Since I did enjoy the vanilla flavor, I’m going to go back (since it’s on sale) and buy the chocolate flavor as well (not really into strawberry, but it comes in Strawberry if anyone is interested).  I look forward to trying the chocolate with 1/2 a banana.  Yum.

Updated To Do List

Here’s what I still have left to do.

1.  I have to be a six month physician monitored weight loss plan – and I have to go in every month to get weighed.  I’ll make that call tomorrow.  I have the diet from the bariatric clinic and I only need to lose 10 to 15 pounds before surgery.  Four months down – two months to go. 

2.  Letter of medical necessity. – No problem.  I’ll get that from my primary care doctor.

3.  Cardiology consult with stress test.  I’ll call and get that scheduled.  Scheduled for June 29Scheduled for 9/9 and 9/14.

4.  Sleep Study.  Scheduled June 10th

5.  Lab Testing (I have my labwork – I’ll get that done next week)

6.  Psychiatric Evalution.  I have a list of doctors to chose from.  I’ll call and make an appointment.  appointment June 4.

7.  Gastroenterology Exam.  Scheduled July 31

8.  Pulmonary consult.  Scheduled July 22nd.  ABGs room on – Scheduled 8/24.

9.  Bilateral venous dopler study lower extremities – Scheduled July 8th

10.  Attend one support group for RNY patients – scheduled for May 12.

11.  Make out a will and a living will (this is my project for August September – the will is done, I just have to pay for it – the living will is next)

12.  Raise $1,000 program fee – $607.26 out of $1,000 saved

13.  Sleep study #2 with CPAP – scheduled for 7/10/09.

I am also required to begin two journals – one is to specifically be about the weight loss surgery process, the other about my regular thoughts and feelings as a way to replace my usual stress go-to, food.  I also have to log my eating for a week along with my thoughts and feelings, and fax that to the behavioral specialist, all the while journaling my food and exercise

Counting Down To The End

I have the first part of my last required test tomorrow morning at 7am.  The follow up will be on Monday.  Two part stress test – repeat of the test I had to have last year.  Then two more weigh-ins and I’ve completed all my requirements.

I am so ready for all this “prep” work to be over.

I can haz surgery nao?

My Bike

I’m going to do it.  I’m getting out the bike tonight.  And I’m going to ride it.

Exercise.  And possibly the emergency room.  We’ll see.

I gotta post pics of my bike!

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