Costs and Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery


You really start looking like a baglady because you go through clothes too fast to buy new, so they hang off of you

No drinking (boo since we are going out to a bar tonight)

Batwings – omg the extra skin on my upper arms

Grouchy pouchy days – today’s one of ’em

Getting up an hour early every day to exercize

Freezing, all. the. time.

Your shoes get too big

Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery

Going through clothes so fast that you are able to wear sizes you never even fathomed would fit you

Buying off the rack

Smaller grocery bills

When eating out, a meal can last you a week!

Finding bones you didn’t think you had (hello jawbone…hello hip)

Getting rid of your prescription medicine

Controlling your diabetes

Being able to exercize every day

Feeling 10 years younger

Knowing you’ve added 20 years to your life

No doubt about it…the benefits truly outweight the costs.  I love my new body, even if it changes from day to day.  I love being healthier than I have in years.  And I love the fact that I bought a size 22 jean today – with NO spandex in them, and they zipped right up.  My jeans before surgery were sized 28 and too tight.


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