SouthWest, People of Size, and Not-So-Silent Bob

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past couple of days, you have to have heard about this.  If you have been living under a rock, the guy who played Silent Bob, Kevin Smith,  purchased two tickets on a Southwest flight over the weekend.  He then went on standby for an earlier flight, and was told that the extra seat was not available.  He was seated on the flight, and before they took off, he was asked to leave the flight because he was too large for the seat.

Southwest’s Person of Size Policy is that if you do not fit into the seat with both arm rests lowered and the seatbelt doesn’t fit around you, you either must purchase another seat or you can not fly.  Kevin Smith knew of the policy.  He claims he always purchases two seats so that he doesn’t have to sit next to anyone else, but claims that he does fit in the seat comfortably, and can lower both arm rests.  According to their blog, he was given a call apologizing, and was given a $100 voucher.

Now, I have flown Southwest bunches.  And until this year was very much considered a “person of size.”  At 321 pounds, I fit into the seat, with both arm rests down.  I did have to have a seat belt extender, but not on all flights (weird, I know).  I generally took a window seat and crammed myself up against it as far as I could go, because I honestly felt horrible about my size and was mortified at anyone who sat next to me.  I knew of their policy, and in Southwest’s defense, I have never been asked to purchase a second seat or exit the plane.  And I’ve seen people bigger than me board the flight.

I also watched Anderson Cooper this morning – a train wreck of an interview – where he had a representative for the National Association for the Advancement of Fat People as well as a representative from the National Action Against Obesity.  Now, what pissed me off was this woman from NAAO who claimed that they should have to deal with fat, slobby people who chose to eat unhealthy.

Um, WTF?  Spoken like a true person who has never had a weight issue and doesn’t understand what it feels like…oh, and the fact that she can’t possibly be human or HUMANE under that bitchiness.  I hope the next time she flies, she’s forced to sit UNDER a person of size.  And I hope they fart.

Anyway, this year, it shouldn’t be an issue for me any longer.  I’m hoping to be under 200 pounds by the time we go to Colorado in May.

But the fat girl inside of me will still be terrified that I’ll be asked to step my fat ass off that flight.


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