Pitfalls of WeightLoss Surgery

So, they warn you ahead of time about the side effects of weight loss surgery and rapid weightloss.  Depending on the type of surgery you have, you can experience vitamin deficiencies, sensitivity to cold, hair loss and of course, the dreaded extra skin.

So far, I’ve hit three of those four.  In fact, the day I came home from surgery I noticed I was terribly cold all the time.  It’s gotten better, although I can now stand to wear long sleeved shirts and sweaters and before surgery I could not.  I don’t attribute that to the rapid weight loss, because it was so immediate.  I guess I’m used to it now, because I don’t even think about it, but needless to say, this is the first winter I’ve really enjoyed my electric blanket and flannel sheets this year.

I have also started to develop extra skin on my upper arms.  Big Time.  Before, my arms were huge – full of fat.  Now, I have nicely toned biceps, but the skin on the back of my arms just hangs there.  It sags and hangs and starts to flap around and rub.  And now, because of it, I have a small skin abrasion under my left arm.  The good news is that if I experience skin breakdown because of the extra skin, it makes me a greater candidate for plastics later.  I also have extra skin on my boobs and thighs, but my arms are the worst.  I have done all kinds of exercises every single day to tone up my arms, so I’m hoping that will help.  Fingers crossed anyway.

Finally, the hair loss began last week.  I expected it to start, and thankfully I have very short hair and its also very thick, so it is not noticable yet.  I’ve started to take biotin three times a day, so I’m hoping it will counter things. 

One day, I’m going to be a thin, beautiful goddess.  If I have to deal with some loose skin and hair loss first, it may all be worth it.


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