Weigh In

Starting weight 4/28/09 – 321

Surgery weight 11/10/09 – 304

Last weigh in 3/16/10 – 236

Current weight 3/30/10 – 235

Weightloss has been S-L-O-W this month, but as of this morning the scale is finally moving again, so Yay.  One thing I have noticed is that I’m losing inches like crazy and my body is definitely getting some definition.  I’ve never had definition before, unless you count round and gelatenous as a definition.  My boobs stick out father than my stomach, and I’ve got bones popping out all over the place.  My face is really getting some definition to it now, and I’m losing my chins.  Hopefully soon they’ll all be gone.  I have extra skin on my neck though, so I stil have a turkey neck – it’s hard to left weights with your chin.

I’ve been working out regularly at the gym.  Yesterday, I put in 42 laps. and today I did 30 minutes on the elliptical followed by 25 minutes of lower body strength training.  It absolutely amazes me that I can put in a good hour workout without dragging by the end, wanting to quit half way through, or wishing that I would just die because it would be easier than working out any longer.  That thrills me to no end.

I’m solidly in size 20 pants and size 18/20 tops (depending on who makes them).  My bra size has gone from a 48C to a 40B (sob).  I’m a mere three pounds away from my next intermediate goal of 232.  I will hit that in the next couple of weeks if I have to chop off an arm to do it.

I love my RNY.  There is no way that having surgery is the easy way out – I really have to work things – but it has saved my life, that’s for sure.


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