Closing In On A Big One

If I can hold and out lose 3 pounds by next Thursday, then I will have officially lost 100 pounds in a one year period.  Of course, it took me six months to lose the first 17, but I’m quickly closing in on my century mark.

Prior to surgery, weightloss of any kind was a struggle – a struggle physically and mentally – both of which were equally weighted (haha, no pun intended).  Surgery has made things so much easier physically to lose weight, but I honestly feel that the mental part has really clicked this time. 

Before surgery, if I cheated, I wrote it off – you know, “Oh, I’ll just jump back on the wagon with my next meal,” or…”I’ve been so good I deserved that.”  Blah blah blah.

Since surgery, I know that if I eat something I’m not supposed to eat, I’m one of the lucky ones that will literally get physically ill.  I find myself asking ahead of time, “Will the physical pain and illness be worth a chocolate chip?  Um, no.”

I have grown so much in this past year.  I have opened myself up to better health, physically and mentally.  I have expanded my horizons.  I have achieved things I never thought possible.

There’s no turning back for me.  My new life has afforded me a ticket to endless possibilites and dreams.

Kind of makes that hundred pounds seem minor, doesn’t it?


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