Ugh…Just Ugh

My pouch is temperamental today.  And its not what I’m eating at all – it’s just a picky icky pouchy day.  Even water makes it hurt.

Looks like there won’t be a ton of calories ingested today.


In other news, I found sugar free chocolate mint mousse (jello brand) at Wally World this week.  It tastes like thin mints.  OMG yum.



So, SF cool whip has corn syrup in it…and just enough sugar grams to make me very very sick.

I pulled a muscle last night throwing up.  Not fun.

The cake tasted ok, but it had the consistency of a brick…soooo…don’t recommend that recipe.

In other news, there is no other news.  🙂

Pound Cake

OMG, that pound cake smells so. freaking. good.  We’ll top it with berries and sugar free cool whip.

Yay – pound cake with no sugar alcohols!

Sugar Free Pound Cake

I have  a busy weekend ahead of me.  Saturday we are having the family wedding reception for my oldest niece at my mother’s house, and Sunday we are going to the baby shower for that same niece (yeah, you see what happened there…LOL).

My mom has ordered a sheet cake for the wedding reception, but there are three of us that can’t have sugar – me, my mom, and my sister.  I wanted to get a SF cake, but all of them have the dreaded “ols” in them…sugar alcohols.  You know, the ones that can send you running for the bathroom faster than Alli…or they give you that stanky gas.

So, I found a recipe this morning for SF pound cake made with splenda.  Since my body can actually tolerate splenda now (it only took six months) I’m going to try it.  I’ll slice up some berries to put on it and pick up some SF cool-whip (pronounced like  W-HIP like Stewie on Family Guy) and voila – SF strawberry shortcake.

Anywho, the recipe is behind the jump.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.


Take That Elliptical!

So, I did three full minutes at level 8 on th elliptical today.  And I didn’t die.

Go me.

Of course, I’ll feel it tomorrow.

What did you do to work out today?

*Sniff* Bye Angie!

My support group means the absolute world to me.  They have been my number 2 source of support (Bob’s my number 1) through this whole process.

My dear friend Angie has gotten a job in Tampa and is able to move back to Florida.  She’s leaving next week, so we got together last night to wish my dear dear friend a safe journey and wonderful chance at her new life.  *sniff*  We love you Angie, and you are gonna RAWK Tampa!




The scale moved!!!

210 this morning!!

I knew going back to my tried and true method of concentrating on protein and fluids would work. 

I’m logging my food at sparkpeople now.  Don’t need to log it twice. 

And I’m seeing my support group tonight for dinner.  Yay!  I lurve those women!

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