We got a great deal on shrimp a few weeks ago, so I have like 70 pounds of frozen shrimp in my freezer.

Mr. G has a DJ gig today, and it’s gonna be about 1,000 degrees today, so I think I’m going to do a quick and easy shrimp for dinner tonight, with a salad and some steamed corn.

Now, we love our shrimp just steamed, but I’ve been thinking I may steam these with a scampi flavoring.  Now, normally, I do them with lots of old bay, a can of beer, some lemon slices, and a smidge of vinegar.  This is how Bob loves his shrimp.  But I’m really craving some garlic, so today I’m going to go ahead and do a few for me in a scampi – some I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spray, lots of chopped fresh garlic, cracked black and pink pepper corns and some chopped fresh parsley.

So, since I have a ton of shrimp, wanna point me to your favorite shrimp recipes?  Now keep in mind – I can’t do glazes that have sugar in them, but I might be able to do something creative to maybe get the same flavor?

Share your shrimp recipes with me!!!


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