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Bloggie Break

We’re leaving right after work tonight for our vacation home in Virginia.  We won’t be taking the laptop (and we don’t have internet access there anyway) so the blog will be quiet for a week.

I have planned out meals and have made arrangements to get together a walking group in our trailer park, so fingers crossed when I return I’ll be in Onederland.

Don’t miss me too much!

Aaaaand today’s feedbag:

PreB – coffee (no protein shake today – no gym)

B – greek yogurt, a peach and multigrain cheerios

L – protein mac n cheese with tomatos, the rest of the peach

D – protein bar – we’ll be on the road.  More than likely I’ll fix a hot dog or something when we get to the trailer.

Exercise – walking today on my lunch hour.

Feed Bag

Pre – B – Protein shake, coffee

Breakfast – Atkins Marshmallow Mudslide Bar, watermelon (about 1/4 cup diced), and 1/4 c of multigrain cheerios

Mid -morning – more coffee

L – Michelina’s Lean Gormet Chicken Alfredo, small tossed salad, 1 forkfull of pasta salad and a few more pieces of watermelon

D – steak (mmm…beeeeefffff), small baked tater and tomato slices

Exercise – 30 minutes on the elliptical, 10 minutes hip flexor exercises, and 20 minutes lower body strength training…and ow. ow. ow.

Feed Bag

Pre-Breakfast – 16oz coffee with 1tbsp ff half and half, 16 oz water (during workout), 8oz protein shake post workout

Breakfast – 6oz plain non-fat greek yogurt, 1/4 cup diced fresh peaches, 1/4 c. multigrain cheerios

Mid-morning – 16oz water with 1pk. special K protein powder, 12oz coffee with sweet-n-low and FF creamer

L – Lean Gormet lasagna, 1c. tossed salad with 1tbsp dressing (I probably won’t finish the salad), 1/4 c diced peaches and 5 bing cherries

Mid afternoon – 16oz water

Dinner – 3oz turkey burger with lettuce, tomato, and red onion slices, 1 ear of corn, and 1 serving of SF jello chocolate mint mousse

Post dinner – 16 oz water.

Exercise – 30 minutes on the elliptical, 10 minutes of hip flexor exercises, 20 minutes strength training- upper body

9 Month Surgical Follow Up

Yesterday I had my nine month (and one week) surgical follow up at Upper Chesapeake Bariatrics.  I met with the exercise specialist, my nutritionist and the behavioral therapist, and I briefly saw my surgeon who was in the office yesterday seeing new post ops.  He gave me a big hug.  Lord I love that man.

So, things I’m doing right:

  1. protein – I’m getting in at least 60g. per day even though my surgeon’s office doesn’t give me a “goal”
  2. fluids – I always hit at least 64oz of fluids per day, if not more
  3. portion control – I’m keeping my meals generally between 3/4 of a cup and 1 1/4 c depending on the density of my protein
  4. pictoral history of my weightloss – I’ve been keeping a scrap book of my journey from two days prior to my surgery, and then updating the pictures on the 10th of every month.  In the scrapbook, I’m tracking not only my pictures, but what goals I’ve accomplished on a monthly basis.  They are thrilled with this and are going to suggest it to their other patients.  Look at me, a role model!

Things I need to work on:

  1. Exercise – time to get serious about it – 1/2 hour per day of cardio and 3 days per week of strength training (upper body, rest, lower body, rest, abs).  I need to add weights to my routine to kick start my metabolism.  They believe this is why I have stalled out so long lately.  Although they are thrilled with my weight loss, they told me that I need to build my muscle mass at this point to KEEP LOSING.  In my head I knew that – the motivation, though, wasn’t there until they measured my body fat percentage – 41%.  My goal is 35%.
  2. Snacking – stop it.  I find myself grazing and even though its on good things (fruits and veggies) I need to cut it out.  3 meals per day, period.
  3. Food diaries – I am to start journaling my food – time eaten, what eaten, and how was I feeling.  I have to fax them to the behavioral therapist on a weekly basis.  The idea behind it is for me to identify what is causing me to snack, and then on top of that, to give myself accountability to maintain portion control and maybe, if I have to write down everything, I’ll realize that I’m not actually hungry.  Good points, all of them.
  4. Adding in one protein shake per day – I’d gotten away from this, but it really will up my protein after a workout.

And so, my goals for my next appointment are to:

  1. Body fat percentage under 40%
  2. weight under 200 lbs

Easy enough…right?  The thing is, I have to recognize that this ISN’T easy.  The honeymoon is over, and this is when the real work begins.

Non-Scale Victory

My wedding rings have literally been falling off of me.  They were sized at a 9 – both the engagement and wedding band.  I was terrified that I was going to lose them.  Back when I first decided to have surgery, my husband promised me a new wedding band when he could afford it.  Now, I love my bands.  My engagement ring is beautiful – marquis cut with channel set diamonds on the band.  The wedding band was prong set, alternating sapphire and diamond half eternity band.  I was content with getting those bands resized until my husband could afford to get my the wedding band I really wanted.

Well, my birthday is coming up next month.  Bob asked me what I wanted, and since my rings have been falling off, I asked him that if I could find a ring that was $100 or less, would he replace my wedding band now?  Of course he said yes.

And so….I found a ring that I loved loved loved on amazon.com.  It’s sapphire and diamond – two rows of sapphires with a row of diamonds in between.  It’s sterling silver (my old bands are white gold).  And it’s a size seven.  SEVEN!  Bob ordered it for me and it arrived today.  I LOVE IT!  And it slipped right on.  A size 7 ring.  Yayayay!

Here’s my new bling…

And so, I’m putting the engagement ring and wedding band away.  I will have them resized eventually, and I’ll wear the engagement ring on special occasions.  The new ring is really big enough that it would look odd with my engagement band.  But I’ve gone from a size 9 to a size 7 ring.  Yay!

9 Month Progress Pictures

9 months out – 200 pounds – down 104 pounds from surgery and 121 pounds total.

A comparison – day before surgery and today:


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