The Alcohol Discussion

I’m no tea totaller…period.  I enjoyed my drinkie poos before surgery.  I didn’t drink often, but I did tend to drink when I was with friends, or once in a while with my husband, and I’m not against drinking.

Now, I have not had a drink since I started in the bariatric program, which was six months prior to my surgery.  My surgeon’s guidelines are that I have no alcohol for 12 months after surgery.  I’m ok with that.

There are a number of reasons that alcohol is dangerous for weightloss surgery patients:

  1. Alcohol can lead to ulcers post op, especially for those who have had RNY because the remainder of our stomachs have not been removed.  We still have the bottom portion of our stomachs and we run the risk of developing ulcers.  Alcohol contributes to that.
  2. Drinking is still high in calories and leads to weight gain.
  3. Alcohol tends to hit people who have had RNY much faster…and I don’t trust how quickly I may lose control or may make myself sick.
  4. I dump.  DUMP DUMP DUMP.  What happens if the alcohol makes me dump?

I was looking forward to having my first drink post surgery, but honestly, lately, I’ve been reconsidering the whole thing.  My circle (support group) wanted to go out with me on November 11th for drinks to celebrate my surgiversary.  But now, I’m reconsidering.  I really don’t think I want to start drinking again, and certainly not away from my home.  I only want to drink if I’m going to be in my home and around my husband, who is the person I trust most.

So, I think we came to the decision that drinking is no longer on my table.  Will I miss it?  Well, yeah.  I enjoyed a drink once in a while.  But honestly, I don’t need it, now do I?  Nope.  So, no more alcohol for me.


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