Old Habits Die Hard


I’ve been stressed lately, and that means I’ve been shoving food in my face that I have no business shoving in my face.  I’m over my honeymoon period, and now I’ve just got to step it up.

Stress is an ugly thing.  My body deals with stress by seeking comfort from food.  Which is leading to a big old stall, AND causing me to feel like absolute crap.  So, it’s time to go back to logging my food, upping my protein, and working my ass off at the gym.  You know, I used to think getting started on the weightloss path was the hardest part, but they aren’t kidding about those last pounds to your goal.  They are a real bitch.

In other news, since Turkey day is coming, there will be some more recipes posted.  I plan on making a sugar free sweet potato pie and a sugar free pimpkin cheesecake for the holidays this year.


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