Converting Activities into Steps

I found a website that will convert my activities into steps and wanted to share!


10,000 Steps

So, in addition to stepping up the intensity of my workouts (um, yay…sigh), the exercise specialist also recommended that I start wearing my pedometer and striving for the gold standard of 10,000 steps per day.  She said for the first three days, I wasn’t to alter my general routine, but count my steps.  After the third day, I was to increase my steps by 200 per day in order to reach that gold standard of 10,000 steps.

So I dug that bad boy out yesterday and put it on first thing in the am.  I wore it all day.  And as of 7pm last night, I was at 10,300 steps.  I did nothing different yesterday, so I find it great that I hit 10,000 steps in my normal daily routine.  Did you know that 10,000 steps for me translates into 4.88 miles?  Yehaw baby.

A year ago, I was LUCKY to get in 4,000 steps per day.

I continue to be amazed at exactly how far I’ve come.