I just bought myself a Christmas present.

I bought a zumba dvd off of ebay – $15.  And I had a gift certificate on it, so I paid less than $5. 

I’ve been meaning to try Zumba, but unfortunately, the local classes are booked until Jan 1 or are offered when I’m working.  So, I decided what the heck, try a DVD.  At least if I look like a complete idiot, the only ones who will see me are the cats and the dog – and they don’t care if Mommy looks like a spastic nut – as long as she gives them treats.

My exercise therapist recommended zumba to me because she wants me to shake up my workouts.  I still plan on going to the gym, but I figure if I add zumba on my off days, it will shake things up a bit and confuse my body.

Lord help my poor knees.

According to the seller on ebay – they are express shipping it (for free!!) and it should be here on Thursday or Friday.  I’m excited to give it a whirl!


I’m Here

We went to my Mom’s for Thanksgiving and I didn’t take my laptop.  I promise a substantial post later tonight.  With pictures from my 20 year highschool reunion!

Hope everyone had a great holiday!