Yay Me and Yoga Equals OW

So, yesterday, I had a big test of emotional eating.  I had to rush my husband to the hospital with heart issues.  Thankfully it doesn’t appear to be serious, but we’re still in the WTF was that phase and he’s seeing the cardiologist today.

And I didn’t eat my way through the emergency room.  I did have some peanut butter crackers, but in my defense, we were there for five hours and I was hungry.  Literally stomach growling hungry (which rarely happens anymore).  So, yeah, peanut butter crackers.  I figured they were a better choice than anything else.

And this morning, instead of saying, “Screw it, I’m exhausted from yesterday’s ordeal, I’m staying in bed until 5,” I got myself up and took myself down to the basement and did a yoga workout.


Yoga hurts.

But I’ll get the hang of it.  Tomorrow gym, as long as it isn’t snowing, which it was when I got up this morning.

By the way, 20 minutes of yoga converts into 2,000 steps!  Yay!


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