Oh, Hello

I know…I know…not much with the posty lately.  My bad.

But honestly, there’s not been much to post about.  I’m really busy getting ready for the holidays, and work is a bit busy as well, so I just haven’t been able to get here too much.

The good news is, the scale is moving.  I’ve also decided to officially move my tickers when I officially weigh in at Dr. McKenna’s office – that way I don’t drive myself nutso bonkers.

Also, I’ve baked my head off and have managed NOT to sample the fare – easier now that I know it makes me sick when I do it.  I did make a batch of shortbread cookies that have no sugar in them, but I already took them up to my Mom’s so I’d stay out of them.  Evil buggers.  We’ll have them Christmas eve.

On the bad news front, the exercise has waxed and waned – but amazingly, when I cut BACK on the exercise, my weight began dropping again.  Hmmm…I’m wondering then if my body fat percentage has actually dropped and I’ve built muscle.  I’ve only really backed out on the exercise this week – just been tooooo busy and I’m exhuasted when I get home to even do the Wii or a DVD.  I promise I’ll start again Jan. 3rd like a good girl.

So, how’s by you?


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