B is for Bootcamp, Biggest Loser, and Blue Shake Weight

Time to keep it rolling!!!

Sparkpeople is running a 28 day bootcamp challenge, and yours truly joined.  You basically commit to tracking your food and logging 50 minutes per day of exercise.  So far so good.  I’ve logged everything, and done my workouts.  Today was day 2.

Yesterday I did the three mile walk away the pounds with weights – it’s a good workout and I shelved it for so long.  I’ve been enjoying it since I’ve pulled it back out.  I went on half.com yesterday and ordered some more DVDs from Leslie Sansone.

Today, I did the 30 minutes Biggest Loser total body workout.  OMG I’m so sore.  That workout really challenges me, even now.   I love when a workout makes me sore though – it’s a good sore, and it really gets me motivated.

And, yesterday, I went to Wallyworld to get some new sports bras.  I’ve been using the same ones since I was 321 pounds, so needless to say, the support wasn’t exactly there anymore.  I got 38s (yay!) and really like the support they give me.  Plus it was a 3 pack for 10 bucks baby.  I also got a new t-shirt from Danskin for $5 and some workout shorts for $7.  Both in size large!  Can I get a W00T?  Oh yeah!  Thing is, the weight isn’t coming off, but the sizes are getting smaller, so I’m hoping when I go back to the surgeon in February that my body fat is under 40%. 

Walmart also had the shake weights on sale for $19.99!  I decided to get myself one because my upper arms are horribly flabby with extra skin.  I know that the shake weight won’t fix it, but if I can bulk up my triceps and biceps, maybe it won’t look SOOOO bad.  And that DVD is definitely a workout – it’s only six minutes, but my arms are totally feeling it this morning!

So, goals for this month:

  • Complete 28 day bootcamp
  • Get under 40% body fat
  • Get under 190

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