Week One Done Baby!

I’ve completed week one of the Spark People 28 Day Boot Camp!  I’m sore but it’s worth it because I know I’ve toned up this week.

I’ve gotten two new DVDs for workouts – both by Leslie Sansone.  One is her Walk Away the Pounds DVD – it has four different workouts on it – 1, 2, 3 and 4 miles.  I figure on the days I concentrate mostly on cardio I’ll do the 3 or 4 mile, and the days I do mostly strength training, I’ll add the 1 or 2 mile.  I also got her pilates DVD (You Can Do!  Pilates).  I’ll try that tomorrow.  I will mix it up with my other workouts – the Zumba (I still suck at Zumba!), yoga, and my biggest loser workouts.  I don’t want to get in a rutt with the exercise because according to my exercise counselor, your body gets used to the routines.

My husband still hasn’t been cleared to exercise yet, but once he gets clearance from the cardio, I’ll get him started on the 1 or 2 mile walks until we can get back outside.

I’ve also used the shake weight – let me tell you, the little six minute DVD workout that came with it you can REALLY feel it.  I’m excited about making progress with my upper arms.   I’m hoping to tone that skin up.  I saw a show where a girl had the armplasty surgery, and OMG that was a lot of staples.  I’m such a chicken!

Keep up the good work my fellow weightlosers!!!  I’ve done really good with tracking my food this week, lower the fat content and trying to keep snacking to a minimum.  I have a big old pot of beef barley soup on the stove today and its full of veggies and good carbs!


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