Product Review: ASSETS by Sara Blakely Open-Bust Cami

One of the big downfalls of fast and excessive weightloss is the lovely extra skin that hangs around afterwards.  I’m still pingponging back and forth as to whether or not I want plastics (after the last Big Medicine I saw, it’s a “no” right now – toooo many staples!), but I’m definitely at the point now where I need shapewear.  I have a ton of extra skin around my arms, thighs, butt and midsection that is unsightly as all get out.  The doctor is estimating now it’s probably 10 to 15 pounds of extra skin – which means if it were GONE I’d be in the 170s by now…grrr.

I’m tired of feeling like a flappy raisin, so before the new year, I went out and got one of these bad boys:

This is the Assets Open-Bust Cami by Sara Blakely – it goes under the bra, and down to the pubic area – the areas that I feel most self conscious about right now – my thighs can be hidden by slacks, and my arms by sweaters, but I still have that pouch of extra skin around the middle that I hate, and my poor boobs look like deflated sweat socks.  I had read reviews about this product, and decided to try it.  Sara Blakely is the one who invented SPANX – which I love – but they are really expensive.  The Assets line is slightly less expensive, which is a good thing!

I was happy to see it was available at Target and they had a number of sizes – not just small, medium and large.  I got the XL and was happy to find that it’s normal price of $28 was marked down to $18 (W00T!).  I decided to give this baby a try on New Year’s Eve.

The fit was awesome – the straps are not only adjustable lengthwise, but also fixed so you can adjust them out or in on your bustline.  The fabric is comfortable, and breathable – a big plus for me because I have really sensitive skin – if I sweat too much, it causes an flair up, but this fabric was completely comfortable.

The fit…or Jebus the fit – it pulled in an smoothed my midsection and gave me a cute little wasteline, but not only that ladies…NOT ONLY THAT (which was a huge plus)….my BOOBS…OH MY BOOBS!  They looked FANTASTIC!!!  I think because the cami aids in keeping really great posture (which I admit I have a hard time with) it really helped the girls get up there and stay there.  I was so happy.

I can’t recommend this product enough.  It’s light enough to wear every day.  It washes well (its says it is machine washable, but I do a gentle cycle and hang it to dry).  It wears well, and it’s breathable.  I’m going to try some of the other products next to see if I like them as much.

Now go – get one!!!


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