Product Review: Shake Weight For Women

In January, as part of my effort to start to really work on toning, I saw an ad for the Shake Weight (as seen on tv!!) at Walmart for $20.00.  I figured what the heck – I’d give it a try, no matter how hokey it seemed.

So, I’ve been using it at least twice a week for the past month, and I do in fact see a lot of toning in my arms and chest.  The weight itself is light weight, and easy to use, although you do feel a bit silly.  You grasp it in your hand, and well, shake.  By holding the weight in different positions, you can work on your shoulders, biceps, triceps, and chest. 

The weight comes with a six minute DVD – it includes instructions on holding the shake weight correctly – keep your wrists rigid, or you can get injured.  The DVD workout is a pretty good one – for six minutes.  It has you not only shake the weight, but uses it in reps to tone and strengthen by just lifting in different positions.  And you do feel the workout when your done.

I can’t totally attribute the toning I’ve done to just the shake weight.  I’ve included it as part of my entire workout routine – which includes not only the shake weight, but also cardio, weights, strength bands, and various arm exercises.  I do see a difference though, and the days I do use the shake weight, I can definitely feel a workout.

My one complaint is the instructor on the DVD.  She is far too skinny and almost looks anorexic.  And she’s a bit annoying.  But once you have the routine down, you don’t need to use the DVD anymore, so it’s just a minor complaint.

I wouldn’t spend $20 on it again, but it is a product that I’ve encorporated well into my workouts.  It’s definitely not something I’d tell you to “OMG GO GET IT NOW!!”  but hey, I don’t NOT recommend it either.  It is, well, it just is.


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