Battling the CARB MONSTER

So…one of the nice things about my RNY is my aversion to sweets.  Well, let me rephase that…my POUCH”s aversion to sweets.

What I’m not cured from – carbs.  I love bread…and potatos and pasta and rice…and oh my the salty.  And lately, I’ve been indulging again.  I don’t know what happens to my brain on weekends, but during the week I’m all “hey look at me eating healthy!” and on the weekends I’m all “GIVE ME PANCAKES NOWWWWW!”  Sigh.

So, I’m cutting back on the carbs again.  Sigh.  Lord help the headaches.

In other news, my body is really changing.  I’m down to a solid size 14 in pants/slacks.  And this weekend, I had to go to Old Navy to stock up on some new shirts – with grandkids and pets and me being a general clutz, my shirts casual shirts always end up stained and sad looking.  Plus, my extra larges were starting to look “stretched out.”  In reality, they weren’t stretched out…I was getting smaller.

So I got about 5 new shirts, and a cardigan.  All size large.  Yay!  W00t!  My body is changing and I’m losing inches. 

And thank goodness for body shapers.  Because I still jiggle like Jobba the Hut.

I know if I had surgery to remove the extra skin, I’d be in size 10 or 12 pants and probably a medium shirt.  But it’s surgery.  And my body says “Enough with the knives and the cutting and the pain and the recovery!  Gimme a break already!”  So jiggle I will.  As long as they make spanx. 

I need to get some new clothes before we go to Colorado in May.  My capris from last year are size 20s or size 18s and loose now.  I don’t want to moon the family.  Yay for cheapos at Old Navy!


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