Happy Easter Y’all!

We’re having a completely WLS friendly dinner tomorrow!  Ham and turkey breast, balsamic and green onion potato salad, turnip greens, deviled eggs, cucumbers in sour cream (low fat!), and a big old fruit salad. 

My easter basket (from my hubby) contained banana chips (NOM) and dried mixed berries.  Yay!

Goal before May 25th – lose the last 12 pounds to my doctor’s goal weight!

I’m a hot sexy bunny y’all!!


Blah…and Ugh…and WTF?

My pouch is saying  a big fat emphatic NO to everything today. 

How about yogurt?  NO

Tuna (which I eat 2 or 3 times a week)?  NO

Hummus?  HELL NO

ARGH frustrating.  Because I need my protein.  Me thinks my period may be about to start (which would be awesome because it means I’ll have it and be done by the time I go on vacay next mont) but seriously, picky pouch is now part of PMS?  (alliteration much?)

Very frustrating.

And last night, I dreamed I ate a reece’s cup the size of my head.  I kept waiting to dump but didn’t, so I kept eating.  Man I miss reece’s cups.  🙂

I Done Did It!


Not the clearest picture in the world, but I was juggling a very strong 60 pound husky who was surrounded by all new sounds and people.  I finished up the March of Dimes March for Babies!  I love the fact that I can walk 2.5 miles now without feeling sore or winded (except for a sore arm from juggling my dog!).  I’m so glad the rain cleared out as well!  I love being fit and healthy!

15 Month Blood Work Up – Low Vit D

I had my 15 month blood work done last week.  Everything is great except for my ever persistant problem – low Vit D.  I had an issue with it even before surgery, and between you and I – it always comes up in the summer when I get outside more.  But they never do my blood work in the summer.  Sigh.

So, they now want me on 5000 IUs of Vit D3 per day on top of the amount I was taking in my calcium supplements.  As well, three servings of low fat or skim milk per day, plus yogurt, cheese, etc.  I was taking chewable D on top of my calcium (2000 IUs per day) since as a RNY’er I can’t absorb the gel caps, but it wasn’t enough. 

I went ahead an ordered the 5000 IU dry capsuls from Bariatric Advantage.  We’ll see if those work.  I’ve had a ton of advice – but none of it will help (advice was unsolicited – FYI).  May have told me to take the D caps (um, can’t – oil based – my body doesn’t absorb oil), fish oil caps (um, again, no oil), and increase my sun time.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…half the time the only sun I get is going to or leaving work I’ve been so busy (hence the significant lack of posting here).  We’ll see if the dry D caps work.  I hope so – it’s annoying.

On a good note, I’m not anemic.  My iron is fine, so they took my off my iron supplements because I have such an issue with constipation (ugh – you have no idea).  My b12 is perfect.  Cholesterol, spot on – total is 116 and HDL was 52.  HGBA1C – right around 6 (I’m rounding up).  The picture of health. 

I love my RNY.