Dear Popsicles…I *Heart* You

So – I’m moving forward, and the scale is actually down this morning, but I won’t count it until it stays there for a week.  But forward motion is GOOD.

I’m still craving sweet in the evenings.  I had been snacking on sugar free klondike bars, but last week, decided to switch over to something that would kill two birds with one stone – sugar free popsicles. 

Not only are they very low in calories and no fat, BUT, they count towards my fluid intake.  In fact, I was told to eat two at a time!  That’s an extra 8 oz of fluids.  I’m debating making my own, with crystal light, but so far, the boxes of frozen popsicles are cheapo, and already made.

And last night I made mexican wedding cookies for work tomorrow (Cinco de Mayo).  I wanted one really bad.  But, I decided to have a popsicle instead of something worse.

And life was good.

So, all hail the frozen popsicle (because the non-frozen ones are kinda messy to eat…LOL) and it’s magical fluid powers.

And all hail being down on the scale baby.  All freaking hail.


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