Two Weeks Out

I’m two weeks out from knee surgery today.  Not exercizing and eating too many carbs (thanks to my husband) are really starting to get to my poor stomach.  I’m living on gas ex and pepto bismal.  Which also means I’m taking control of the menu as of TODAY.  UGH.

My knee is repairing well, we think.  There’s no way of really knowing until I start PT.  And at this point, we have no idea when that will be (reminds me, I need to send an update to my therapists letting them know surgery went ok).  I got all the staples and two stitches out yesterday.  That was the first time I’d actually seen my knee (except for a peek here and there) since surgery.  Ew.  And I almost passed out when I got my stitches out.  Learned a valuable lesson – can’t watch that kind of thing…LOL.  My knee is still quite swollen, and the doctor said he had to do a lot more work that the initial MRIs let on.  I had three very large cartilage defects, numerous bone spurs, and tendons had to be cut (which means he did perform a lateral release).

Let me tell you folks, gastric bypass surgery has NOTHING on knee surgery.  After seven days from my gastric bypass, I was feeling great.  I’m two weeks out from knee surgery and still struggling.  Knee pain is there at night (not so much during the day), and getting around on crutches is a pain in the ass.  Non-weight bearing means I am not supposed to put any weight on it at all.  UGH.  And now, they’ve replaced my staples with steri-strips.  Well, I’m allergic to adhesives.  Which means my knee is itching UP A STORM.  LOL

I miss exercise.  I miss eating right. I’ve lost weight, but I’m not eating the right things, and I know I’m not getting enough water.   Need to get my head around all of this.  Sigh.


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