Still Here – Never Fear!

Just haven’t had much to post about on the weight loss front.  Or on the regular front either, since I haven’t posted to any of my blogs lately.

I started back to work last week, and will be working from home until I’m able to drive again.  Who knows when that will be.  I’m still in the immobilizer and on crutches.  Still not allowed to bend my leg or put weight on it.  Still going stir crazy.  The incision has healed up nicely, but the skin under the ace bandage (which is under the immobilizer) is really dry and flakey and itches like all get out.  I’ve been unwrapping it twice a day to slather it up with gold bond medicated lotion, which seems to help.  The knee cap is still swollen and sore to the touch, but the joint itself is feeling pretty good.  Weak, but good.  Not looking forward to starting PT or actually bending the leg.  I imagine that it’s going to be quite painful.

As for food, meh.  I’ve finally gotten my system back on track.  I’ve been eating a lot of fruit and trying to limit my carbs, but I haven’t exactly paid attention to my portion sizes (ok, the pouch tells me when to stop, but still, lots of snacking going on).  I need to start doing that.  And my period is due next week, and I’m craving things like crazy.  UGH.  I miss exercise.  I can’t even just go out for a walk.  On the plus side, though, anyone who has used crutches for any period of time knows that it is an awesome upper body and ab workout.  I haven’t been able to accurately weigh myself – but I’m not gaining. 

I’m looking forward to getting my life back to normal.  For three weeks after surgery, EVERY time I ate I got horrible pains in my lower abdomen.  Of course, once I made an appointment with my doctor, those pains went away (so I cancelled the appointment).  I think it has a lot do to with the fact that I’m finally off the prescription pain killers and I’ve got out a lot of the carbs I was eating.  I’m trying to move around a bit more as well.

You know, one thing I didn’t anticipate was problems with my insurance covering my surgery.  I anticipated issues with gastric bypass, but figured knee surgery would be a no brainer.  Of course, I did understand that the procedure I had was relatively new, but didn’t think about it too hard.  So I got my explanation of benefits this week, and was surprised to see that there were two claims for the surgery.  One for the de novo graft (for $1,000) and one for the arthroscopy (for $1,400).  Don’t you know, they said that they wouldn’t pay for my arthroscopy.  Sigh.  The explanation was there was no proof the surgery was requried.  Which made me laugh because they had no issues paying for all the PT I had, or the MRIs and X-rays, and the ortho appointments.  Or the de novo graft itself.  I guess they figured the doctor was going to have to go through my throat to get to my knee, or glue it to the outside.  *shake my head*  So, I phone Blue Cross.  And spoke to a lovely lady.  And she told me that they said I had a similar surgery in the past three years, and didn’t see why I needed it again.


I calmly explained to her that yes, I did have an arthroscopy three years ago.  On my LEFT knee.  This one was my RIGHT knee.  Because, you know, I have TWO knees.

“Oh,” she says.

And then she put me on hold for 10 minutes, in which I’m sure she had to ask her supervisor what to do.  Needless to say, they resubmitted the claim for payment.


So that’s what’s going on around here.  I did manage to get out and see a movie (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 – AWESOME) and will be getting out next weekend with my Mom to go see The Help.  It wasn’t too bad at the theater, but my knee did ache after two hours of it hanging down.  Hopefully it will be  a little better by next weekend.  I have my one month follow up with my surgeon this week so hopefully we’ll see some progress.

Knee surgery is no joke y’all.  No joke at all.


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