Holy Hell, Where Has The Time Gone?

On Thursday, it will be my two year surgiversary.

Two years.

And where am I?

Well, I still hover at 183 pounds.  My body likes it here.  My doctor’s happy.  I’m happy.  And life is good.

Which is probably why I haven’t posted here much. 

Not that my journey is over in any way, shape, or form, but I feel that my weightloss journey has come to an end, and my maintenance journey has begun.  It’s time to get to the business of me being me without constantly nagging myself as to what goes in my mouth and analyzing every little bit of it.

That’s just the thing.  I don’t analyze anymore.  I’ve come to the point where I don’t have to think about every action, because now it is part of who I am.  I still have to watch what I eat, and be ever mindful of how easily I can still fail at this, but as for now, I consider myself a success.  And that makes me happy.

Two years in and of itself means a lot of changes in a person.  When you throw in a massive weightloss on top of that, and a life altering surgery, well, you become a different person all together.  For the first year, it was all about the weightloss, and the surgery, and what it was doing to my body. 

I learned that in the second year, it was more about learning to be happy with the person I was, with the person I had become, and with the person I am going to be.  And I have finally learned to be happy with who I am without thinking about the weight, or the physicality, or the mental aspects of spending my life morbidly obese.  I am me.  Bea.  And Bea is a pretty awesome person.  No matter what she weighs.

So with that, my dear readers, I have made the decision to put this blog to rest.  I’ll leave it up, and may post occasionally, but to dwell on the weightloss anymore at this point, it’s counter productive to me.  It’s time to deal with life. 

In fact, I’ve taken a bit of a blog break all around.  But I do plan on returning to regular blogging soon.  And if you still enjoy who I am, then I more than encourage you to visit me at my other blog.  I fully intend on just getting to the business of be me.

Thank you, my dear readers, for going on this journey with me.  Your encouragement has meant the world, and I hope you have learned from my journey.  If you are considering bariatric surgery, then I fully encourage you to learn about your surgery, and yourself.  And start a blog.  It’s amazing to go back and read my entries and my own transformation.

Thanks for reading, my friends.  Thanks.


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