Phew – My Body DOES Still Remember How to Lose Weight

I have not only take off the 7 pounds I gained while on disability, but I’ve lost an extra!  Down to 184.  Nearly down to my lowest weight of 183.  I will get to my goal weight in the next year.  I will I will I will.  I just have to focus on the important stuff – high quality dense protien, lots of fluids, and limiting my carbs.  And remembering that my pouch is there for a reason.

Once I get my ass back to exercising regularly, that will help too.  My knee is doing a lot better.  I’m back to full weight bearing, which means I’ve finally (after two months) ditched the crutches, and I actually have been walking pretty well.  Lots of swelling, and pain by the end of the day, but PT is working, and I’m regaining strength and flexibility – both are very important.  After my first knee sugery 3 years ago, it literally took me 18 months to go up and down the steps foot over foot.  Yesterday, I went both up (easier) and down(very hard) the stairs foot over foot without too many problems.  I can also stand my full weight on my right leg (briefly) and that took me six months the last time.



I Done Did It!


Not the clearest picture in the world, but I was juggling a very strong 60 pound husky who was surrounded by all new sounds and people.  I finished up the March of Dimes March for Babies!  I love the fact that I can walk 2.5 miles now without feeling sore or winded (except for a sore arm from juggling my dog!).  I’m so glad the rain cleared out as well!  I love being fit and healthy!

Product Review: Shake Weight For Women

In January, as part of my effort to start to really work on toning, I saw an ad for the Shake Weight (as seen on tv!!) at Walmart for $20.00.  I figured what the heck – I’d give it a try, no matter how hokey it seemed.

So, I’ve been using it at least twice a week for the past month, and I do in fact see a lot of toning in my arms and chest.  The weight itself is light weight, and easy to use, although you do feel a bit silly.  You grasp it in your hand, and well, shake.  By holding the weight in different positions, you can work on your shoulders, biceps, triceps, and chest. 

The weight comes with a six minute DVD – it includes instructions on holding the shake weight correctly – keep your wrists rigid, or you can get injured.  The DVD workout is a pretty good one – for six minutes.  It has you not only shake the weight, but uses it in reps to tone and strengthen by just lifting in different positions.  And you do feel the workout when your done.

I can’t totally attribute the toning I’ve done to just the shake weight.  I’ve included it as part of my entire workout routine – which includes not only the shake weight, but also cardio, weights, strength bands, and various arm exercises.  I do see a difference though, and the days I do use the shake weight, I can definitely feel a workout.

My one complaint is the instructor on the DVD.  She is far too skinny and almost looks anorexic.  And she’s a bit annoying.  But once you have the routine down, you don’t need to use the DVD anymore, so it’s just a minor complaint.

I wouldn’t spend $20 on it again, but it is a product that I’ve encorporated well into my workouts.  It’s definitely not something I’d tell you to “OMG GO GET IT NOW!!”  but hey, I don’t NOT recommend it either.  It is, well, it just is.

Boot Camp Officially Completed!

I finished the bootcamp challenge, and…drumroll please…I popped on the scale this morning and low and behold – 189!!!  I’m out of the 190s!!!  Now I just have to stay out of them!!!!

I know I’ve really toned up during this challenge, and have really reinforced my exercise habits, which I really needed.  For now, I have decided that my goal is not going to be focused on losing the remaining weight, but rather keeping up my good habits and really rocking this healthy body I’ve given myself!

Just a quick facial comparison – this is me last February…

and this was just a couple of days ago…

Working Out With The Husband

So, in December, my husband had a cardiac scare.  Well, let me say that I was the one who was scared…he was his typical self.  Although he did admit to me that it worried him.  Anyway, he had a pretty bad heart arrythmia, which has since been diagnosed as AVT, an arrythmia that causes the heart to skip a beat, and then add an extra beat to make up for it.

We had a number of tests done, and went to see my cardiologist (who I think is a God), and it turns out there is nothing structurally WRONG with his heart.  He essentially OD’ed on caffeine and chocolate.  So, the cardiologist has recommended 1) giving up caffeiene and chocolate; 2) having a sleep study done – Bob does have apnea; 3) aggressive weight loss; and 4) an exercise program.

So, we’ve started him on a better eating plan (translation, he eats what I fix, and no snacks) and last night, since he’s now been cleared to exercise, we began his exercise regimine.

Now, Bob has not exercised faithfully in three years  – not since before our wedding.  And then he was walking about half a mile a day – which isn’t much, but was more than what he regularly did.  Right now, it’s cold, and miserable, and damp outside and we are getting snow and/or ice every three or so days.  So, I have introduced him to the wonders of Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away the Pounds.  I’ve been using her DVDs pretty much as a regular source in my workout and bootcamp regimine since I can’t make it to the gym anymore, and I have a DVD of hers that includes a 1, 2, 3 and 4 mile walk.  I love the 3 and 4 mile walks, but decided that was probably WAY too much for someone who hadn’t exercised regularly in three years.

We started off on the one mile walk.

I’m so proud of him.  He finished it – and added the weights.  And, he didn’t complain.  Well, he did state that he couldn’t believe he was exercising to a workout dvd.  And he also told me at one point, when we were doing the kickbacks that his balls were dangling.  My husband, so poetic.  But he finished it.  I’m so proud of him.

We’re going to work out together every day for a week (which means I’ve got to adjust my workout to accomodate him, so I’m adding extra walks in where I can – walking from work to the train station in the evenings). 

If you are wondering, Bob does not qualify for WLS.  He is 216 pounds, and his BMI is 37.07 – under the 40 cutoff.  And he’s been laying around and eating junk for three years.  We’re going to try this route.  Wish him luck!

Bootcamp BOOYA!

I’ve decided not to weigh myself until Feb. 15th- that’s when I go back to the doctor.  BUT I did lose two inches last week – my first week of bootcamp!  W00T!

I’m getting more into the swing of every day exercise, and learning to vary up my programs is paying off.  Yesterday, I did a quick 20 minute cardio and 20 minutes of a lower body workout with Biggest Loser.  Today I did 60 minutes of cardio (thanks to Leslie Sansone and the 4 mile supercharged walk away the pounds dvd!).  Tomorrow, pilates and 20 minutes of cardio.

I need to find some good core exercises, and I think pilates will satisfy that.  I’m going to try some more yoga too.

And I’m really feeling things.  Sore in all my muscles! 

Next post will be a review of my new body shaper – well hello bewbies!

Week One Done Baby!

I’ve completed week one of the Spark People 28 Day Boot Camp!  I’m sore but it’s worth it because I know I’ve toned up this week.

I’ve gotten two new DVDs for workouts – both by Leslie Sansone.  One is her Walk Away the Pounds DVD – it has four different workouts on it – 1, 2, 3 and 4 miles.  I figure on the days I concentrate mostly on cardio I’ll do the 3 or 4 mile, and the days I do mostly strength training, I’ll add the 1 or 2 mile.  I also got her pilates DVD (You Can Do!  Pilates).  I’ll try that tomorrow.  I will mix it up with my other workouts – the Zumba (I still suck at Zumba!), yoga, and my biggest loser workouts.  I don’t want to get in a rutt with the exercise because according to my exercise counselor, your body gets used to the routines.

My husband still hasn’t been cleared to exercise yet, but once he gets clearance from the cardio, I’ll get him started on the 1 or 2 mile walks until we can get back outside.

I’ve also used the shake weight – let me tell you, the little six minute DVD workout that came with it you can REALLY feel it.  I’m excited about making progress with my upper arms.   I’m hoping to tone that skin up.  I saw a show where a girl had the armplasty surgery, and OMG that was a lot of staples.  I’m such a chicken!

Keep up the good work my fellow weightlosers!!!  I’ve done really good with tracking my food this week, lower the fat content and trying to keep snacking to a minimum.  I have a big old pot of beef barley soup on the stove today and its full of veggies and good carbs!

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