Grease Overload. UGH

I loved vacation.  LOVELOVELOVEd it.  I enjoyed spending time with my family and visiting Colorado Springs and Cripple Creek.  I had a wonderful time meeting the lovely Christie for lunch at the Buckhorn Exchange in Denver.  Christie, by the way, has done a fantastic job with her VSG and looks HAWT.  So proud of her!

But the grease and mexican food overload nearly did me in.  In fact, there was so much grease involved in nearly every meal that my face literally broke out.  And I felt horrible.  HORRIBLE.  I adore my Uncle Pete and Aunt Fabby, but good lord have mercy, Aunt Fabby used half a bottle of veggie oil with every meal.  My poor pouch can’t take the grease so much any more.  Now, I was able to mix some good things in, and I did try to stick with protein first at every meal.  I followed my rules – no drinking with meals, protein first, etc.  We had wonderful beef out there, and lots of beans. I tried to get in plenty of veggies. 

But now I’m ready for a detox.

So, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing.  Low fat alternatives to our protein (lean beef, fish, and lots of salads).  Back to my daily protein shakes.  Fat free half and half for my coffee.  And I think I’ll lay off the burritos for, well, the next year!

Good news, no weight gain on vacation!  W00T!  I got in some good hikes (my knee didn’t hurt nearly as bad in a land where humidity doesn’t exist) and saw some gorgeous things in the mountains.

So, here’s a good body pic from vacation:

Working Out With The Husband

So, in December, my husband had a cardiac scare.  Well, let me say that I was the one who was scared…he was his typical self.  Although he did admit to me that it worried him.  Anyway, he had a pretty bad heart arrythmia, which has since been diagnosed as AVT, an arrythmia that causes the heart to skip a beat, and then add an extra beat to make up for it.

We had a number of tests done, and went to see my cardiologist (who I think is a God), and it turns out there is nothing structurally WRONG with his heart.  He essentially OD’ed on caffeine and chocolate.  So, the cardiologist has recommended 1) giving up caffeiene and chocolate; 2) having a sleep study done – Bob does have apnea; 3) aggressive weight loss; and 4) an exercise program.

So, we’ve started him on a better eating plan (translation, he eats what I fix, and no snacks) and last night, since he’s now been cleared to exercise, we began his exercise regimine.

Now, Bob has not exercised faithfully in three years  – not since before our wedding.  And then he was walking about half a mile a day – which isn’t much, but was more than what he regularly did.  Right now, it’s cold, and miserable, and damp outside and we are getting snow and/or ice every three or so days.  So, I have introduced him to the wonders of Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away the Pounds.  I’ve been using her DVDs pretty much as a regular source in my workout and bootcamp regimine since I can’t make it to the gym anymore, and I have a DVD of hers that includes a 1, 2, 3 and 4 mile walk.  I love the 3 and 4 mile walks, but decided that was probably WAY too much for someone who hadn’t exercised regularly in three years.

We started off on the one mile walk.

I’m so proud of him.  He finished it – and added the weights.  And, he didn’t complain.  Well, he did state that he couldn’t believe he was exercising to a workout dvd.  And he also told me at one point, when we were doing the kickbacks that his balls were dangling.  My husband, so poetic.  But he finished it.  I’m so proud of him.

We’re going to work out together every day for a week (which means I’ve got to adjust my workout to accomodate him, so I’m adding extra walks in where I can – walking from work to the train station in the evenings). 

If you are wondering, Bob does not qualify for WLS.  He is 216 pounds, and his BMI is 37.07 – under the 40 cutoff.  And he’s been laying around and eating junk for three years.  We’re going to try this route.  Wish him luck!

Vacation and Eating

Starting tomorrow, we are having family in from Colorado for a week.  I’m looking forward to seeing them – it’s the first time Bob’s Aunt and Uncle have been to Maryland.

Vacation eating is tricky.  You want to eat the same things everyone else is eating…but with gastric bypass and my restrictions, of course, that isn’t always easy.  Luckily, I’m a planner, so I have our meals planned out for the next week.

Tomorrow night I’m baking a ham.  We’ll have green veg and mashed potatos with it, all stuff I can eat.  I also plan on making crescent rolls for everyone else.  Breakfasts I have a ton of eggs, and of course, we’ll have leftover ham, and bacon for whoever wants it.  Many people can handle bacon post surgury, but the fat in it makes me queasy.  I also got bagels and cream cheese for those that want them.  Monday night, we’ll grill hotdogs and hamburgers.  I think I may make some potato salad or maybe some macaroni salad with it.  Tuesday night we’re going to the Rusty Scupper so they can have a taste of some good seafood – crabcakes are on the menu for me.  There last night here, since we are going to be in DC all day, I’m throwing chicken in the crockpot.  I’m a little worried about the chicken, since it has a tendency to make me sick still, but I think I can swing it since I’ll be home.  Lunches we’ll be out.

Here’s hoping I finally get below 190 this next week.  That would be awesome.

Sugar Free Pound Cake

I have  a busy weekend ahead of me.  Saturday we are having the family wedding reception for my oldest niece at my mother’s house, and Sunday we are going to the baby shower for that same niece (yeah, you see what happened there…LOL).

My mom has ordered a sheet cake for the wedding reception, but there are three of us that can’t have sugar – me, my mom, and my sister.  I wanted to get a SF cake, but all of them have the dreaded “ols” in them…sugar alcohols.  You know, the ones that can send you running for the bathroom faster than Alli…or they give you that stanky gas.

So, I found a recipe this morning for SF pound cake made with splenda.  Since my body can actually tolerate splenda now (it only took six months) I’m going to try it.  I’ll slice up some berries to put on it and pick up some SF cool-whip (pronounced like  W-HIP like Stewie on Family Guy) and voila – SF strawberry shortcake.

Anywho, the recipe is behind the jump.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.


Vacation Nerves

So, Wednesday morning, Mr. G and I board a plane for Denver.  We’ll be spending our annual week with his family.  This time last year, I was still pre-op and really struggling to lose the weight required for surgery.  This year, I’m nearly down to 200 pounds, but I’m still worried.  I’ve never gone on vacation and NOT gained weight. 

I love my family in Colorado and can’t wait to go.  Last year we navigated by having a LOT of salads – helpful since my great big Mexican family makes wonderful food that is full of fat.  This year I only worry about the sugar (I don’t dump on fat).  I’m crossing my fingers that I come back to Maryland closer to ONEderland.

And I am excited about vacation.  I adore Colorado and can’t wait to go!

This Is A Big One For Me

Bob and I have been together for a long time.  Started dating in 1997 (not exclusively), dated exclusively starting in 2002, married in 2007 and still together 13 years later.

This morning, for the first time since I’ve known him (and the first time in any relationship I’ve ever had), I weigh less than my husband.  I weighed in at 212 this morning.  Bob is 213.

And I’m very very excited about it.  😀

Have I Become One Of Them?

First of all, Happy St. Paddy’s Day.  Enjoy a green beer for me, since, well, beer is no longer on my menu. 

But that’s not why I’m here today.  I was thinking this morning on the bus, I’ve been nagging Mr. G quite a bit lately about what he’s eating and the fact that he’s not exercising.  I am not a nagger, first of all, and everytime I hear myself say something, I cringe.  I keep promising myself that I never want to become one of “those people.”

“Those people” are the self-righteous health nuts.  I mean, that’s just not me.  I’ve literally spent my entire life obese.  In fact, my entire adult life, until the past couple of months, I was super morbidly obese.  Not healthy at all, and killing myself daily with poor habits and bad food choices.  I would cringe when people would lecture me on my food habits, or my lack of exercise.  I’d cringe even more when I found myself saying excuse after excuse as to why I didn’t, or downright lying about what I eat or how much activity I got. 

The criticism made me feel bad.  And my self criticism made things even worse.  I mean, people said some mean things to me.  Some of them had well meaning behind them, but they hurt never the less.  I kept thinking, “Walk a mile in my shoes and see what its like.”  I never wanted to become one of those people who scrutinized everything that went into someones mouth.

But now, I do that with my husband. 

In all reality, I fear for his health.  His physicals say he’s healthy, but his cholesterol is boarderline at 202 and he carries a lot of weight around his middle.  He already has pre-disposition for diabetes being latino, and the extra weight around his belly increases his chances for diabetes and heart disease.  And to top it off, we know absolutely nothing about his dad, what his risk factors might be on that side of his genetic tree. 

I love my husband, and I want him around for a long time.  I try to have healthier foods in the house – I have to for me, and I try to make sure he gets some of that healthier food.  I buy low fat everything, and stick to proteins that are lean and dense.  But he’s got a sweet tooth and a junkfood habit.

But I don’t want to be one of those people who says, “Are you sure you should be eating that?”  or “Do you really need something else to eat at 8pm?”  Those things come out of my mouth though, and I remember how it felt when they were said to me.  They killed my self esteem.

I fully recognize that I have a food addiction.  It’s a hard thing to deal with – knowing that you are addicted to one thing that you just can’t get rid of in life.  You have to have food to survive.  Dealing with my emotional issues without the barrier of food between us is a hard hard thing.  One of the hardest I’ve ever done.

I’m trying to make a change for the better.  It’s more than just losing the weight.  I’m making new habits that are not food related.  I’m becoming much more active.  I’m taking a participating role in my own life.  And I want to share that life with my husband.

But I need to remember how those things made me feel…and not say them to him.  Please don’t let me become a self-righteous health nut.  Sometimes fixing the head is the hardest thing in the world.

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