Phew – My Body DOES Still Remember How to Lose Weight

I have not only take off the 7 pounds I gained while on disability, but I’ve lost an extra!  Down to 184.  Nearly down to my lowest weight of 183.  I will get to my goal weight in the next year.  I will I will I will.  I just have to focus on the important stuff – high quality dense protien, lots of fluids, and limiting my carbs.  And remembering that my pouch is there for a reason.

Once I get my ass back to exercising regularly, that will help too.  My knee is doing a lot better.  I’m back to full weight bearing, which means I’ve finally (after two months) ditched the crutches, and I actually have been walking pretty well.  Lots of swelling, and pain by the end of the day, but PT is working, and I’m regaining strength and flexibility – both are very important.  After my first knee sugery 3 years ago, it literally took me 18 months to go up and down the steps foot over foot.  Yesterday, I went both up (easier) and down(very hard) the stairs foot over foot without too many problems.  I can also stand my full weight on my right leg (briefly) and that took me six months the last time.



Return of the 5-Day Pouch Test

So, in an effort to refamiliarize my pouch with what it is supposed to be doing, and to detox from the evil carbs and slider foods that I have been steadily stuffing in my face, I am re-visiting the 5-Day Pouch Test.  Days one and two are liquid and soft proteins only so today and tomorrow for me will be protein shakes.  To be honest, I’m mostly doing this to break my carb dependancies, which have crept back in with a vengance since I had my knee surgery.

So far so good today.  I did add a sugar free yogurt for lunch, but I’m doing this program a wee bit modified to make sure I get my necessary calories. 

The point of my surgery was to teach myself to eat better.  Just because I CAN eat it doesn’t mean I SHOULD eat it.

Another thing I need to get back to is drinking all my fluids.  I haven’t been so hot at that lately.  But I’m going to get there, by hook or by crook.

Wish me luck!

Well, Whaddya Know….

My pouch still works.  And that’s a wonderful thing.  Since I have been back to eating good food (proteins, good carbs, high fiber, veggies) instead of slider foods, my pouch is telling me, “Whoa Nelly” and puts the brakes on.  That’s a good thing.  A very good thing.  And I’ve already taken off 3 pounds (I know, I shouldn’t weigh).  Also makes me happy.

And last night I actually did some exercise – if you count PT.  I did the bike.  I did the total gym (although I’m really NOT sure I’m supposed to be doing this because I think it counts as squats).  I did bridges (great for the ass and abs).  My knee hurt like a crack ho last night, but I did it.

And I didn’t over indulge during the hurricane or subsquent two days where we were without power, had 3.5 inches of water in our basement or a tree down in our front yard.  GO ME!  No stress eating!  YAY.

Now, I gotta keep this up!

I joined ediets.  I know, I know.  But I need something to hold me accountable, and cash is king.


So, now that I can put a little weight on my knee, I decided to get on the scale this morning.

Duhn duhn dhun…

Up 7 pounds.

Holy shit.

Time to get back to basics.  This morning, I had a protien shake and a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast.  I need my oatmeal to keep things moving.  So, I had oatmeal, mixed with some frozen blueberries and about a tsp of chopped walnuts for some good fat.  Lunch will be tuna salad, and dinner is some fresh croaker that our friends gave us when we were on vacation this past week.

I know, I know.  7 pounds over 8 weeks should not freak me out quite so much, but it does.  I can’t exercise right now.  Can’t.  My knee won’t hold me as it is simply not strong enough to do a decent cardio work out.  Hell, I can’t even walk right now.  And I know I’ve been shoveling food in my face left and right.  CARBS.  CARBS ARE MADE OF EVIL.  So, it’s back to good proteins, lots of fruit and veggies, and upping the water intake.  No carbies.  NO NO NO.

Must. Lose. Seven Pounds.  Quickly.


I hate surgery.  And I hate my eating disorder.  For real.

Working Again And The Importance of Following Your Vitamin Therapy

I started back to work on August 3, and it’s kept me very busy.  Lots of catch up.  For now, I’m still working from home.  As of my last appointment which was on Tuesday of this week, still no weight bearing and no bending.  I go back on Monday and he’s going to bend my leg for the first time.  Of course, I’m not looking forward to that, but yeah, it is what it is.

I also had a bone density scan this week – my first.  The doctor ordered it for two reasons – one, I was due for one, and two, the amount of arthritis I have had him a bit worried.  We have a history of osteoperosis in my family.  I was interested in getting the bone density scan for another reason.  I’m now nearly two years out from my gastric bypass.  If you have ever researched gastric bypass, you know it comes with malabsorbtion issues.  One of those things that you don’t absorb as much of is your calcium.  Ever since surgery, I’ve been on a strict vitamin and supplement regimine, including a double dose of calcium on a daily basis.  As I approach my 40s (somewhat faster than even I want to believe), I’m even more concerned about calcium absorbtion.  I take two calcium supplements per day, as well as a dose of folic acid and additional vitamin D.

I am happy to report that after two years of my strict calcium therapy, my bone density scan was NORMAL!  W00T!  That means my vitamin therapy is working!  And I’m doing what I’m supposed to do.

I can not emphasize enough the importance of taking your vits after WLS.  You don’t get enough nutrition any longer to meet your daily needs.  So take those vitamins!

Ugh…ugh ugh ugh

Stress and not being able to work out have taken a toll on my psyche.  Plus, I was in a lot of pain today.  A. Lot. Of. Pain.  And I’m eating crap as a result. 

I’m so scared I”m going to gain weight through this whole process.  Ugh.  I need to reign this stress eating in.  I hate not being able to work out.  And of course, I won’t be able to get a decent workout in for months.   You just don’t get a good workout in when you can only work out the upper body.

And I need to vent.


Grease Overload. UGH

I loved vacation.  LOVELOVELOVEd it.  I enjoyed spending time with my family and visiting Colorado Springs and Cripple Creek.  I had a wonderful time meeting the lovely Christie for lunch at the Buckhorn Exchange in Denver.  Christie, by the way, has done a fantastic job with her VSG and looks HAWT.  So proud of her!

But the grease and mexican food overload nearly did me in.  In fact, there was so much grease involved in nearly every meal that my face literally broke out.  And I felt horrible.  HORRIBLE.  I adore my Uncle Pete and Aunt Fabby, but good lord have mercy, Aunt Fabby used half a bottle of veggie oil with every meal.  My poor pouch can’t take the grease so much any more.  Now, I was able to mix some good things in, and I did try to stick with protein first at every meal.  I followed my rules – no drinking with meals, protein first, etc.  We had wonderful beef out there, and lots of beans. I tried to get in plenty of veggies. 

But now I’m ready for a detox.

So, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing.  Low fat alternatives to our protein (lean beef, fish, and lots of salads).  Back to my daily protein shakes.  Fat free half and half for my coffee.  And I think I’ll lay off the burritos for, well, the next year!

Good news, no weight gain on vacation!  W00T!  I got in some good hikes (my knee didn’t hurt nearly as bad in a land where humidity doesn’t exist) and saw some gorgeous things in the mountains.

So, here’s a good body pic from vacation:

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