Last Day at Work – 4 Days To Go

Today is my last day phsyically coming in to work before surgery.  I’ve completed everything that needs to be completed, with the exception of one report, which I’m hoping I can get pushed through today.  That would be very nice.  Monday I will work from home (with a break for my EKG, oh, and the BGE man).

This weekend will be a busy one.  Tomorrow I’m meeting with some new friends for a nice afternoon.  One of those friends is my surgery angel, and it will be nice to put some faces with some names.  Then Saturday night, Mr. G and I are having some friends over for a movie night at our house.  I’m really trying to spend a relaxing weekend before surgery.

Sunday  I have elected to start a clear liquid diet.  It is to make sure there is nothing in my system for surgery on Tuesday.  I am going to pick up a few things I need Saturday morning – I want to stock up on some things anyway for after surgery, so I’ll pick up some more broth and I’m going to try to find the sugar free ice pops that you just stick in the freezer and freeze – you know, like the Freezy pops.  I want to get some for home and some to take to my mom’s.

After surgery I will be recouperating at my Mom’s house.  She has a lazy boy that I can easily get out of, instead of trying to fight with a bed.  I need to get everything together on Sunday.

I’m excited and nervous all at the same time!


Pre-Op Appointment

I had my pre-op appointment with Dr. McKenna today.  It went very well.  I’m so happy with this practice.  They really make you feel at ease and answer all of your questions.

I had my last weigh in and lost 17 pounds on my pre-op diet.  Not bad at all for someone taking insulin that makes it difficult to lose weight.  The doctor was thrilled.  I am so excited about surgery.  Count down is on…less than a week to go.

They sent me on my way with a big old packet of stuff to read, a card for my purse to tell emergency workers that I’ve had bypass, homework (I need to come up with a menu for two weeks when I go onto mushies and real foods), a script for antacid which I will need to take to prevent ulcers, and a script for an EKG and blood work to be done before Tuesday.  I went immediately to the lab and had the blood work done and I’ll have my EKG done at my doctor’s office on Monday.  I have a phone appointment on Friday with the pre-admission nurse.  So, basically I’m all set.

I’m so excited.  My life is really about to change for the better.

Here we go!

The End of the First Very Long Road

Today is the final day of my six month supervised weightloss.  My final weigh in is this afternoon.  Then I’ll collect my office notes and fax them to Upper Chesapeake Bariatric tomorrow.  Once they have that, they will submit for approval.  One thing they will see is that in six months, I lost only 20 or so pounds and stalled out.  I can not lose the weight on my own – not while I’m on all these medications.

Pray for a quick approval process.  This week is going to be full of anticipation for me, until I hear the very special words, “Approved for sugery.”

Then the next phase of this journey begins.

Getting Close!

Five more days and I’ll have everything I need to submit for approval to the insurance company.

Holy Cow…I’m so excited.  I might just have a surgery date this time next week!!!!

{} This Close

I just spoke with Cris over at my surgeon’s office.  I confirmed that they have in fact received ALL of my pre-op testing.  The only thing they are waiting on now is my six months from the doctor, which I will have done on the 19th.  Then they can submit my approval.


I’m getting excited.  Last night, I had a dream I had just had my surgery, but I woke up to find out that instead of the RNY, they had done a lap band and I was furious.  I sat up and demanded they take me right back in and fix it.  LOL…I’m sure I probably would too.

I’m so close I can taste it.  Haha taste…yeah, not quite the right euphamism for this particular test, huh?

Feedbag and updates

Accountability – yep, I better start bringing it.  Two weeks to go on the diet.

Breakfast – 1/2 c. quaker oatmeal (with 1 pack of sweet-n-low and pumpkin pie spice), 1 c. 1% milk, 1 orange

Lunch – 1/2 c (4oz) tuna fish, 1 stalk celery, 1 dill pickle spear, and 1 tsp non-fat mayo all mixed up to make tuna salad, 1 organe, 1 c. yoplait light strawberry shortcake flavored yogurt (MMMMMM) and 1 large sweet potato, baked and mashed with pumpkin pie spice, I can’t believe its not butter spray, and pumpkin pie spice – oh holy hell that was good

Dinner – 1 and 1/2 c. chicken and dumplings, 17 grapes, 1c 1% milk


That sweet potato was heaven on a fork.  I’m so glad I have two more of those bad boys at home.  I’ve had to give up on the protien shakes for now – they were causing my blood sugar to go all wonky.

My last weigh-in appointment was moved up to the 19th – which means I’ll be faxing over the last of my information to Upper Chesapeake on the 20th.  Then it’s an approval and scheduling waiting game.

Home stretch, here I come.  I still have to do my will and my living will – which I will get done this MONTH.  I’m so ready for this.


I just called Upper Chesapeake Bariatric to make sure they have gotten all my pre-op testing (they are missing some, but I’m picking it up from my doctor on Monday) and I asked her what it was looking like for a possible surgery date (if she could even tell me).

She told me everything looks good, and more than likely, once the insurance approval comes through, we’re looking at either 11/24 or 12/1.  Yay!  I have a potential date!  This isn’t something way off in the future now – it’s really real.

I’m so excited!

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