Accountability – I Need It

So, I need to start examining this stall and see just what is going wrong.   Time to bring back the feedbag folks!

Pre-breakfast (after workout) – protein shake – made with 8oz 1% milk and one scoop of GNC whey protein (strawberry banana)

Breakfast – 6oz yoplait greek yogurt (0% fat), 1/4 c diced canteloupe and 1/4 c. bran flakes, plus my first multi-vit dose, iron, vit D, b12 and folate

Lunch – 1/2 c. chicken salad with craisins and pineapple, 4 low fat triscuits and 1 small nectarine, plus my first dose of calcium and magnesium

Dinner – 1c. of lean beef and tomato pasta – it’s made with 96% lean ground beef, canned tomatos, onions, peppers, mushrooms and whole wheat penne, 2nd multi-vit dose and 2nd calcium dose

Calories – 911

Caloric breakdown – protein – 86g (yay me), fat – 22g, carbs – 90g

Exercise – 30 minutes on the eliptical (yeah, I know I’m not supposed to – wah wah wah) and 10 minutes of lower body stretching for my hip – includes my physical therapy exercises) plus two 10 minute walks from the bus stop to work and from work to the bus stop

Weight – still hanging out at 211.  (Dangit).



Been nearly a month since I lost any weight.  GRRRR


Every single time I think I’ve broken through a stall, I stop again.  I know that it is probably because I got down to 233 and stayed there for a long time in the past, so my body is thinking, “Hey, this is familiar territory…this is cool…let’s stick around here for a while.”  Gah.

Being stuck in a stall makes me grumpy.

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