Sigh – Stupid Knees

I went to my ortho on Monday about my right knee.  X-rays were inconclusive, so tomorrow I have to have an MRI.  On top of that, I have to start PT.  And I still don’t know if I have to have surgery.  Totally screws with my workouts – in that, I can’t.  UGH.  This blows.  BLOWS BLOWS BLOWS.

I put years of wear and tear on my knees.  YEARS.  My knees both need replacing, but I’m too young.  But surgery sucks.   I had a really hard recovery when I had my left knee operated on.  And PT, well, I hate it.  HATE. IT.

Keep some good thoughts for me.


Back from Vacation

We got back last night from Colorado.  First vacation since surgery went very well.  I did have some digestive problems – too much grease a few days, and one dumping episode (stupid brown sugar baked ham) but otherwise I did very well.  I didn’t gain any (and didn’t lose any, but that’s ok).

I’ll post more later when I’ve recovered, but here’s a teaser pic –

Not Weightloss Related, but I Had To Share


Amlance : Will take you to the horsepital.

Arn : Will press your pants.

Baffroom : Where the terlet is.

Beehive Hair : The tall hairstyle worn by a true Bawlamer Hon.

Blair Road : spelled “Belair Road.”   (ha – we live on ‘Blair Avenue’ – better known as Bel Air Ave)

Cammer : Where you put your fillum.

Chimbley : It’s on top of the ruff.

Downer Point : Down to Fells Point.

Earl : an engine lubricant or Earl’s name.

Farplace : Fireplace.

Festivus : Raven-ese for “Play-Off”.  (boo Ravens – sorry, my heart is still in Philly)

Formstone : A cement, stone-shaped rowhouse application.

Iggles : Eagles.  (yay Iggles!)

Merde : French for “ca-ca”.

Natty Bo : National Bohemian Beer.  (Blech – and again, I say, Blech)

Orster : where you get perls.

Po-lice : To protect and Serve.

Ruff : What you hammer your shingles onto.

Sem-lem : A convenience store.

Stoop : Marble steps in front of a Baltimore Row Home.

Tars : What your car rides on.

Youse All : All of you.

Zink – where you wash dirty dishes.

So, on that note, I hope youse all will unnerstan Bawlamerese a little better now, hun.  And that Santa and his sleigh will land on your ruff, come down your chimble into your farplace after he stops at the sem-lem for a slurpee