*Sniff* Bye Angie!

My support group means the absolute world to me.  They have been my number 2 source of support (Bob’s my number 1) through this whole process.

My dear friend Angie has gotten a job in Tampa and is able to move back to Florida.  She’s leaving next week, so we got together last night to wish my dear dear friend a safe journey and wonderful chance at her new life.  *sniff*  We love you Angie, and you are gonna RAWK Tampa!




Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

I have met a wonderful group of women (and one wonderful man) who have quickly become very close friends and the perfect support group.  I met them all through Obesityhelp.com.  We have gotten together a few times (they were the ladies who took me to tea before surgery) and we got together yesterday for a lovely lunch at the PA Dutch Market over in Cockeysville.  These wonderful people keep me sane, give me encouragement, keep me laughing, and have quickly quickly won my heart and now, they are family.

One of the things that happens when you have weightloss surgery is that you speed through clothing sizes very very fast.  I have gone from a size 30/32 (on the top and bottom) down to a size 18/20 on top and a size 20/22 (depends on the brand) on the bottom.  Buying clothes, even at thrift stores, will break you quickly.

Thanks to these beautiful women, I have had to spend very little on clothing.  When I hit the 22/24s , the lovely Tia gave me 2 huge lawn and leaf bags of clothing – gorgeous clothing – back in December.  These are now too big, so yesterday, I took them back to her (she’s hoping to re-use them).  And the lovely Angie gave me three big bags of smaller clothes – which all fit.  I’m now the proud owner of 12 new pairs of pants (both jeans and dress slacks) and 27 gorgeous blouses and shirts.  There were an additional 7 or so shirts that were too big, and two pairs of pants and two shirts which are still one size too small.  But I’m well outfitted.

Clothing exchanges are a wonderful way to give support for each other.  It’s encouraging, but at the same time, exciting to get new clothes without having to spend a ton of money.  And what’s better, is that it creates and even bigger bond to these wonderful people who have gone down this road before you (and in a lot of cases, you are paving the road for the “losers” who come after you). 

I am greatful for my surgery for many reasons, but the biggest reason next to the health implications has been gaining such a wonderful group of friends.  It’s so nice to share your hopes and dreams, your frustrations and fears, your WOW moments and your Not-so-wow moments.  It’s a family and you all build me up so much.  Your advice, encouragement, and love have meant the world to me.  I LOVE YOU ALL HARD!!!!!

Interesting Thoughts Get My Mind Churning

I have met some wonderful wonderful women in this crazy journey of weightloss surgery.  And those woman have taught me a lot about myself, and have pondered some interesting thoughts in my head in regards to weightloss surgery and its after effects.  I want to get these thoughts out here as I’m sure anyone who is reading this has the potential to be contemplating surgery themselves.


Tea By Two

I went out this afternoon and met some lovely ladies from the Maryland board on Obesityhelp.com.  We went to Tea by Two in Bel Air and had high tea, and it was a simply delicious afternoon.  I met my surgery angel, KBS-Tia, Boxer Heather, DebbieL. and DarlaP.  It was a very enlightening trip, and the tea room was just lovely!

I was so wonderful to hear from ladies who have actually had the surgery.  I find myself seeking out my own support group, and these women were just wonderful.  Such funny ladies, and we had such a good time.  And the tea room – oh the tea room.  I think I’ve discovered a new obsession!  I called my mom on the way home to tell her once I was back on solid foods, we were heading back there. 

I’m happy to be able to relate to these ladies.  Bob and I have wanted to branch out and meet new people, and I think this was a perfect way to start.  Not that I don’t love my friends, I do.  But it was invaluable to me to meet people who have “been there and done that” with WLS.  I got so many tips, and hints, and got to see how things are really going to be after surgery.

As for the tea room and High Tea – I’m in love.  New tradition in my life.  And the tea…oh the tea…I love tea anyway, but theirs was wonderful.  High Tea was two pots of tea (we started with a lovely spiced blend and a mint blend), soup (baked potato with bacon and cheddar soup), and then came the scones.  OMG.  Lovely orange scones.  Tea sandwiches and desserts, which most of us took home.  It was a lovely afternoon.  I’m so glad I went.

Now I’m down to three days – two really, since today is nearly over.  Tonight, we are having friends over for a movie night.  I think its the perfect way to spend the weekend.  I’ve really had a wonderful weekend…and I’m really looking forward to my new life – just around the corner.

Tia, Heather, Darla and Debbie – thank you so much for such an absolutely wonderful afternoon!