What Happens When You Spend Your Life Carrying Around 100 Plus Extra Pounds

Your knees go to pot.

I had a follow up with my ortho to go over my MRIs and the progress from my PT.  Sigh.

I have severe arthritis in my right knee (well, duh).  It came from favoring it for years while my left knee walked around dislocated.  Plus, an additional 136 pounds on my frame didn’t help.  The arthritis in my right knee is going to require surgery.  I’m to continue PT until my surgery date (July 13).  Then my ortho is going to do a sugery which requires a cartilage grapht.  This means he’s going to open my knee up, take out my knee cap and turn it over.  Then he’s going to clean it off, attach a cartilage grapht to the back, and put it back in.  I admit, I kind of stopped listening when he said “Take out the knee cap” and had to get him to repeat it.

I asked if he couldn’t do the sugery he did three years ago on the left knee, but he said this sugery will last longer and stave off the knee replacements a little longer.

I’m going to spend my summer in a knee immobilizer.  Four to six weeks without being able to bend my knee.  Which to me, seems excrutiating.  I had to deliver this news to my boss (we are trying to work out the details of my disability).  I plan on taking two weeks of short term disability (at least) and then working the rest of my rehab at home.  I don’t want to leave work high and dry and I don’t want to screw up my chances at a promotion this year.  So sad that I’m considering that.  But I won’t be able to go to work.  I don’t see how I can.  I won’t be able to drive, and the thought of navigating the mean streets of Baltimore through public transportation while having my leg in an immobilizer squicks me out.  Getting on the train will be a bitch.  And Bob will not be getting up at 6am to drive me too and from the train station.  But even then, once I get downtown, I’d have to rely on the bus system…and walking to the bus station in the afternoon up one of the steepest hills in Baltimore.

I’m also worried about putting weight back on.  Terrified in fact.  I won’t be able to exercise except at PT.

And the fact that I know already that this is going to hurt like a mofo.  When I had my left knee operated on, they did a lateral release of the knee cap which involved cutting the tendons that hold it in place.  That hurts.  A lot.  Bending and straightening your left is painful.

So, send me some prayers.  I won’t chicken out, but the thought of this surgery is mindbending for me.  I guess it will prepare me for my eventual knee replacements.  Which I already know I need but no doctor worth his salt will to them on someone my age.  I did find out that I had bad knees when I was 18.  I have degenerative cartilage disease, which would have happened whether I was overweight or not.  Unfortunately, years of being obese sped up the knee problems.

So, if you are considering bariatric surgery, I say do it now.  And do your knees a favor.


5 Days to Go, and Before/After Picture Plans

Whoo boy I’m excited.  I hate wishing my life away these days, but I can’t wait until Tuesday gets here and I’m heading to the hospital, saying good-bye to the fat suit forever.

I talked to Mr. G last night and we’ve settled on a plan for taking my before and after pictures.  I think we are going to take the before pictures Monday evening.  After pictures will be up and posted each month on my surgiversary.

Is it wrong to be so excited about major abdominal surgery?  It feels so wrong, but feels so right!


This week has blown by so quickly.  I’m really busy at work, so that I’m sure has something to do with it.  My friend on OH warned me how quicly this time would go, and they aren’t kidding.  I have 8 work days left to get done 30 days worth of work, and wow, am I getting antsy about getting things done.

I got my letter yesterday, and my surgery is scheduled for 10:10am on the 10th.  😀  I’m starting to get a wee bit nervous.  Just a bit.  I’m mostly excited…like counting down to that last day of school all over again.  So glad I took this semester off school!

I actually had someone yesterday ask me how I could be proud of this.  I know…seriously.  I asked them what they meant, and they asked me (in all sincerity) why I felt I couldn’t lose the weight on my own, and didn’t I just lack will power.  There were no words…just a simple roll of my eyes and I walked away.  Walk a mile in my shoes, skinny minnie…see how easy it is.


I’m approved! My re-birth date is November 10th! I’m so excited! And I just can’t hide it! I’m about to lose control and I think I like it!

Getting Close!

Five more days and I’ll have everything I need to submit for approval to the insurance company.

Holy Cow…I’m so excited.  I might just have a surgery date this time next week!!!!


I just called Upper Chesapeake Bariatric to make sure they have gotten all my pre-op testing (they are missing some, but I’m picking it up from my doctor on Monday) and I asked her what it was looking like for a possible surgery date (if she could even tell me).

She told me everything looks good, and more than likely, once the insurance approval comes through, we’re looking at either 11/24 or 12/1.  Yay!  I have a potential date!  This isn’t something way off in the future now – it’s really real.

I’m so excited!