So, now that I can put a little weight on my knee, I decided to get on the scale this morning.

Duhn duhn dhun…

Up 7 pounds.

Holy shit.

Time to get back to basics.  This morning, I had a protien shake and a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast.  I need my oatmeal to keep things moving.  So, I had oatmeal, mixed with some frozen blueberries and about a tsp of chopped walnuts for some good fat.  Lunch will be tuna salad, and dinner is some fresh croaker that our friends gave us when we were on vacation this past week.

I know, I know.  7 pounds over 8 weeks should not freak me out quite so much, but it does.  I can’t exercise right now.  Can’t.  My knee won’t hold me as it is simply not strong enough to do a decent cardio work out.  Hell, I can’t even walk right now.  And I know I’ve been shoveling food in my face left and right.  CARBS.  CARBS ARE MADE OF EVIL.  So, it’s back to good proteins, lots of fruit and veggies, and upping the water intake.  No carbies.  NO NO NO.

Must. Lose. Seven Pounds.  Quickly.


I hate surgery.  And I hate my eating disorder.  For real.


Grease Overload. UGH

I loved vacation.  LOVELOVELOVEd it.  I enjoyed spending time with my family and visiting Colorado Springs and Cripple Creek.  I had a wonderful time meeting the lovely Christie for lunch at the Buckhorn Exchange in Denver.  Christie, by the way, has done a fantastic job with her VSG and looks HAWT.  So proud of her!

But the grease and mexican food overload nearly did me in.  In fact, there was so much grease involved in nearly every meal that my face literally broke out.  And I felt horrible.  HORRIBLE.  I adore my Uncle Pete and Aunt Fabby, but good lord have mercy, Aunt Fabby used half a bottle of veggie oil with every meal.  My poor pouch can’t take the grease so much any more.  Now, I was able to mix some good things in, and I did try to stick with protein first at every meal.  I followed my rules – no drinking with meals, protein first, etc.  We had wonderful beef out there, and lots of beans. I tried to get in plenty of veggies. 

But now I’m ready for a detox.

So, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing.  Low fat alternatives to our protein (lean beef, fish, and lots of salads).  Back to my daily protein shakes.  Fat free half and half for my coffee.  And I think I’ll lay off the burritos for, well, the next year!

Good news, no weight gain on vacation!  W00T!  I got in some good hikes (my knee didn’t hurt nearly as bad in a land where humidity doesn’t exist) and saw some gorgeous things in the mountains.

So, here’s a good body pic from vacation:

A Mish Mash Update of Sorts

I haven’t posted here much (although I have made a post over at Casa de Pollo) but work has been crazy and I have physical therapy three nights a week now.  UGH.

So – we are getting ready to go to Colorado.  We leave next Wednesday (at 6am…gah) and we’ll be there until June 8th.  I’m so excited!  We’ll be all over the place as usual.  We will be in the Greeley/Ault/Pierce area from Wednesday to Saturday.  Saturday we’ll head over to Sterling, Julesburg, Osh Kosh, and we’ll be there until Monday.  Then Loveland/Estes Park/Colorado Springs through that Thursday the 2nd.  We’ll go back to Pierce for a couple of nights, over to Ft. Morgan for the weekend, back to Greeley, then Denver until we leave.  Holy Cow.  Plus, we’re supposed to meet the lovely Christie while we are out there and hopefully have lunch!  Lots of activities are planned, and we’re generally lucky enough to plan our food.  I do plan on having some mexican food while I’m there (um, homemade mexican food is a no brainer) and an order of Rocky Mountain oysters, but for the most part, we stock up at Walmart and carry our own food with us.  VACATION YAY!!

But of course, because of this vacation, I’m swamped at work trying to get everything done in time.  Sadly, I have meetings out the wazoo and have been desparately trying to find time to get it all done!  Plus I have two baby blankets to finish crocheting before I go.  One is done, and I have one more to go.  The good news is, I’m too busy to eat!

So, an update on the knees.  I went to the ortho, and I have bone spurs in my right knee (the good one) and apparently the knee cap is over to the right instead of being in the center.  These are the exact same issues I had three years ago with my left knee.  I’ve been doing PT three nights a week, and the therapist has essentially told me not much can be done for the pain, but they can get my knee ready for the surgery.  Yay.  More surgery.  Hopefully I can schedule it later this summer.  The knee has really affected my ability to do a strong cardio workout and I don’t currently have access to a pool.  I’m not supposed to do anything that will aggrevate the knee (so that the bone on bone doesn’t make things worse), so the weight loss is once again STALLED OUT.  Sigh.

On a funny note, my therapist is also a bariatric patient.  She had RNY about four months after me.  We had the exact same starting weight and we have lost exactly the same amount.  Our surgeries were also done by the same practice.  LOL  We were comparing war stories Monday night.  She happened to be my therapist three years ago on my left knee.  Ah…living in a small town.

So, that’s the latest…what’s new with all of you?

Commencing Operation Goal Weight

Alright Body.  I know you are loving hanging on to this weight.  I also know that as I get closer to my GW (175 per the surgeon) that you are stubborn and don’t wanna let go.  I also know that it is partly Mouth and Brain’s fault because they let things slip through they shouldn’t.

So, as of yesterday, we have launched Operation Goal Weight.  Time to kick it.  I know we have to be careful with the exercise right now (hello stupid knees – looking at a 2nd knee surgery in the near future) but we sure as hell can control what goes into the pouch. 

So, it’s back to weighing and measuring.  It’s back to watching our fat grams (ahem, instead of just watching them go into the mouth).  It’s time to up the water, condense the protein, and get our ass in gear to get to that finish line.  I’m not looking for a sprint here, but I sure am looking for some forward movement.  Time to break this stall.  Time to break through.  Time to move our ass and shrink.

We’re 18 months out now.  Holy crap on a cracker when did that happen?  18 months.  And we’re bouncing around 187 to 190 like it’s our freaking job.  It’s time for a new job body.  So let’s put it in motion.  Let’s do what we know we’re supposed to do.  Limit those carbs!  Up that protein!  Get rid of that extra fat servings!  Stop that snacking!!!

We have vacation coming up Body.  And I fully expect that you don’t fall down on the job.  Yes, we’ll be unable to control about 50% of the food environment, but of the 50% we can control, let’s make sure we do it up good.  No greasey potatos at Aunt Fabby’s!  No sour cream and guac with that wonderful mexican food!  No fried chicken!  No tamales (did I just say that?).  No! NO! NO! 

Let’s do it.  We have until November 11th.  That’s right – November 11th.  Let’s shake it like a polaroid picture!!!

I’m Here

We went to my Mom’s for Thanksgiving and I didn’t take my laptop.  I promise a substantial post later tonight.  With pictures from my 20 year highschool reunion!

Hope everyone had a great holiday!

Vacation and Eating

Starting tomorrow, we are having family in from Colorado for a week.  I’m looking forward to seeing them – it’s the first time Bob’s Aunt and Uncle have been to Maryland.

Vacation eating is tricky.  You want to eat the same things everyone else is eating…but with gastric bypass and my restrictions, of course, that isn’t always easy.  Luckily, I’m a planner, so I have our meals planned out for the next week.

Tomorrow night I’m baking a ham.  We’ll have green veg and mashed potatos with it, all stuff I can eat.  I also plan on making crescent rolls for everyone else.  Breakfasts I have a ton of eggs, and of course, we’ll have leftover ham, and bacon for whoever wants it.  Many people can handle bacon post surgury, but the fat in it makes me queasy.  I also got bagels and cream cheese for those that want them.  Monday night, we’ll grill hotdogs and hamburgers.  I think I may make some potato salad or maybe some macaroni salad with it.  Tuesday night we’re going to the Rusty Scupper so they can have a taste of some good seafood – crabcakes are on the menu for me.  There last night here, since we are going to be in DC all day, I’m throwing chicken in the crockpot.  I’m a little worried about the chicken, since it has a tendency to make me sick still, but I think I can swing it since I’ll be home.  Lunches we’ll be out.

Here’s hoping I finally get below 190 this next week.  That would be awesome.

Bloggie Break

We’re leaving right after work tonight for our vacation home in Virginia.  We won’t be taking the laptop (and we don’t have internet access there anyway) so the blog will be quiet for a week.

I have planned out meals and have made arrangements to get together a walking group in our trailer park, so fingers crossed when I return I’ll be in Onederland.

Don’t miss me too much!

Aaaaand today’s feedbag:

PreB – coffee (no protein shake today – no gym)

B – greek yogurt, a peach and multigrain cheerios

L – protein mac n cheese with tomatos, the rest of the peach

D – protein bar – we’ll be on the road.  More than likely I’ll fix a hot dog or something when we get to the trailer.

Exercise – walking today on my lunch hour.

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